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Test Method:
All measurements were carried out on a computerized Geiger-Muller indicator model PT01109-1. The instrument is sensitive to beta and gamma radiation with wide range energy levels from 30keV to 1.2MeV and can detect the decay products from most NORM and artificial radioactive decay.

The sensitivity and accuracy of the instrument is governed by construction of the instrument test chamber, where space occupied by tested specimen is tightly surrounded by detectors matrix. The detectors matrix contains sixteen Geiger-Muller tubes. Each Geiger-Muller tube has a separate readout interface and particle counter. The proportion of the area of the sphere built on the detectors matrix to the total area of the test chamber walls is 0.56 to 1.

The tested specimen is placed in the test chamber in the 100ml PE-LD container that is normalized by geometrical shape and volume.  The position of the container inside the test chamber is exactly the same during every test.
The test chamber and the detectors matrix are shielded from environmental interference by a Pb layer.

The total integration time for single test of specimen is 7200 sec (2h). Depending on the instrument internal time base adjustment,  it may require 800 or more internal measurement periods completed by the PT01109-1.

All measurements are in reference to certified T0 and T1 reference specimens. The T0 specimen contains sealed 100ml of powdered NaCl and characterized by very low own radioactive emissions and stable physical properties other time.  The T1 reference specimen contains thorium Th-232 and they decay product.

The technical specification of the test instrument is available on net at:

Reference about ALARA acronym:
Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, "Environmental ALARA Program Plan",  2009, Berkeley, USA
http://www.lbl.gov/ehs/esg/Reports/assets/ALARA Program Plan2009.pdf
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