Our Mission:
The accessibility for general public to instruments that can detect and measure nuclear radiation of various daily used products is very limited comparing to instruments that measure other physical parameters of those products or materials.
Our mission is to enable the general public low cost as well as confidential accessibility to an instrument that can detect and measure nuclear radiation of various daily used products and materials such as nutrition and hygiene goods, household chemistry, cosmetics and building materials. 
Why to detect and measure the nuclear radioactivity?
The purpose of the proposed test is to distinguish the difference between nuclear activities of materials which below to same class of goods or compare the material nuclear activity to given reference specimen.
The concentration of technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive materials (TENORM) in the environment is being successively elevated and it can resolve in multiplying to such a level, that can be health threatening. Due to the physiological processes in the body, the amounts of radionuclides escalate and the concentration of them rises over time. The negative effects of radiation exposure increases with cumulative lifetime dose.
The basic principle to minimize the harmful effects of nuclear radiation is to keep the exposition of the radioactive materials at the lowest level possible, where the economic and social factors are being taken into account. The principle is called ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable).
The most fundamental principle to minimalize the hazardous effects of nuclear radiation is to identify and eliminate from the household the product and materials with elevated radioactivity.
Our customers:
The service is dedicated to individuals and businesses to which the quality of everyday goods defines the living standard. Our service is available in all European Union member states.
What can be tested?
We can test all materials and products such as crumbly, powdery, gels and liquids. The material designated for testing must have minimum 150ml and have to be fitted in a cylindrical container of 45mm diameter.
What parametrs we can test:
The applied method allows the comparison of the quantitative value of the materials in the sample population or in the reference to a chosen material sample. Our instrument can conduct the radiation measurements concern the detection of radionuclides of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and artificial origin. The examination of the general radioactivity is performed by instrument sensitive to beta and gamma radiation with the energy between 30keV - 1,2MeV.

Test Results:
Measurement of the gamma and beta radiation activity of the specimen is in counts per integration time per 100ml of the sample volume [cpt/100ml]. The measurement data is delivered to the customer in the OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet by email.
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Do you know how much the level of nuclear radiation background has raised since 1960?